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3 Items from our Short-Term Preventive Maintenance Checklist That You Need to Know

Are you maintaining your car and keeping it in proper working order? Well, the experienced auto repair mechanics at Joe’s Car Craft in Deer Park, NY have a simple short-term auto preventive maintenance checklist that will help you to keep on top of things between your scheduled automotive maintenance and car repairs.


1. Have your oil and coolant levels checked – Every month, when filling up your gas tank, or before setting off on that road trip that you take the family on each year, you want to make sure that you get under the hood of your car and inspect both the oil and the coolant levels before you begin your journey. Taking ten minutes to check now can save you hours waiting for a tow-truck later!


2. Tire pressure and the depth of the tread on your tires are important – Make sure you always check the pressure in your automobile tires every month, especially before those summer adventures. Remember that carrying heavy loads in the back seat or trunk of your car can affect your tire pressure. You should also know that cold weather can lead to low tire pressure as well so make sure that you check a little more often in the winter. A tire’s tread allows better traction on the road and can also help your car use fuel efficiency. Don’t let the tread on your tire wear out. Also, make sure you take a spare tire and a jack with you as well.


3. Headlights, turn signals, brake, and parking lights should be always checked – Take a walk around your car and make sure that all of your lights come on when activated. When it comes to your headlights, turn signals, brake, and parking lights in your automobile it’s very important to make sure that all lights are functioning properly. Lights that are dim or out could mean a bad fuse, switch or relay and can sometimes be easy to overlooked. You should also make sure that you know what each light on your dashboard means (they’re listed in your car’s driver’s manual).


All of our experienced auto repair mechanics at Joe’s Car Craft in Deer Park, NY want you to know that these short-term maintenance checklist items are important. These simple checks will help you be certain that your automobile is running properly and make sure that you get to where you have to go safely.


So, why not give Joe’s Car Craft a call at 631-242-1666 or email us so we can give you the best advice on a simple short-term preventive maintenance checklist that will really help you maximize your automobile’s performance at all times.


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