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Meet Joseph Ivanditto, the Owner of Joe’s Car Craft in Deer Park, NY

Joseph Ivanditto is the owner and founder of Joe’s Car Craft. He started his business in 1983 and has owned it ever since. He had always loved working on different types of automotive vehicles, like; cars, motorcycles & trucks. It all started when young Joseph Ivanditto was 8 years old. He was always tinkering around with automobiles, minibikes & motorcycles. He would also rebuild the engines and upgrade them with better-performing parts. This would increase the performance of the motor and even make them go faster.


As he got older, he started working in an auto repair garage and was doing work on the side for family and friends at his house. Joe would then have people drop off their cars at his house, but as time went on, there were more & more cars ending up at his family’s driveway needing auto bodywork and auto repair. Then, his dad told him to get all the cars outer here. The word was getting out that Joe was doing a fabulous job handling fixing cars. So, consequently, more people were dropping off their vehicles at his family’s home for repair. Joe soon thought it would be a good idea to get a garage for himself and start his own autobody & auto repair shop in Deer Park, NY. That’s when he started his auto body shop and auto repair business.


Joe really enjoyed doing the autobody work most of all because when he finished working on a car that had been damaged and wrecked, he found it gratifying to see it shine like new again. He loves talking to his customers. Customers say that he even makes them feel comfortable about talking shop and that they can trust him because that means a lot to people. By explaining issues with them, they felt rest assured that they were not getting ripped off.


His customers have told him that they trust him and they feel good when they drop their car off and that makes him happy. He also gives a lifetime warranty on his auto-body work and paint jobs. This is proof that he stands behind all his work. Joe has even done a lot of different advertisements on the radio, TV, and coupon books. But, most of his autobody and auto repair work comes from word of mouth. Joe is not like these other guys where they try to make a lot of money on one job. Or, where they try to charge the customer more than they should pay. Customers say that he is fair with his prices and the people see that.

Joe’s philosophy is to take care of each and every customer by doing him or her right. Joe said, “I do right by one, they will turn me on to three more people”. He is a fair guy and that’s why he has customers that have been with him the whole time that he has been in business. He is so close with a lot of them where he has even gone to funerals of some of his customers because they actually become like family. That’s how long he knows them and feels he needs to pay his respects.


If you want to know more about Joe’s Car Craft, then give him a call at 631-242-1666 or email him.


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